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Syntactics, Inc., a commercial web and software development outsourcing company in the Philippines spearheads the support of letIThelp by establishing the proper web standards and training of fresh graduates and in inculcating in them the skills needed and professional outlook and work attitude needed to progress in the field of IT.


About Us

This project is made possible through the endeavors and the dedication of the letIThelp founders and Leaders who strive to continuously be of service to their fellowmen:

Stephanie Rosalind "Honey" P. Caragos, President & CEO
In March 2000, started EBS Accounting Software Solutions with a few of her classmates from Xavier University with the vision of creating jobs for IT Graduates from Cagayan de Oro City and that of its neighboring cities. For 9 years now, Stephanie, who has worked on several projects in the analysis, development and implementation of business software applications, has been in the forefront in running Syntactics, Inc., a web developing company in the Philippines and has been active in giving lectures and seminars for students and IT professionals alike and has continuously inculcated the values of professionalism in the IT industry. Stephanie has tirelessly worked on the path of providing opportunities for young graduates in order for them to have an IT career and be closer to their homes and their loved ones.

Wilfredo "Jun" P. Kaamino, Jr., Vice-president and COO
Years of Jesuit education has continuously kept "Jun" on track in being a man for others. With Stephanie, Jun joined in starting the EBS Solutions endeavor with the same thought and passion of providing decent jobs for IT professionals and effective solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises in Mindanao. Through the years, Jun has been steadfast in handling the operations of Syntactics, Inc., in coming up with the IT initiatives to streamline development process and in making sure that the products and services are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Salvador "Doring" Labis Caragos, Director
29 Years in the banking industry coupled with a further ten years in the private sector, has given Doring the edge and experience in running a variety of businesses in different fields. Doring, with his wife Linda, has tirelessly been of service to the community as a Past District Governor for District 3870 of Rotary International and as the current Chapter Head for the BCBP (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professional) in Cagayan de Oro. His wisdom and Experience has continuously served as a guide to the team members of letIThelp and that of Syntactics, Inc.

Von Bryan Quilab, Web Designer
Von, a graduate of Computer Studies major in multimedia and Internet at Informatics Computer Institute, started out as a trainee with Syntactics three years ago. Because of his perseverance, adherence to quality and love for work, he has learned so much through his training and has garnered the position of head designer in the organization. He has been with the organization for almost 3 years now and is giving his time in training the new trainees in letIThelp. The team is happy that Von unceasingly gives his support to the organization through his time and talent.

Ladymieh Abacahin, Web Analysis
A graduate of BS in Computer Science at Capitol University, Lady has been one of the most dedicated web analyst team member in the organization and has relentlessly given much of her time and efforts in making sure that the projects are well managed and that the requirements by the clients are met. Her two years of analysis experience with Syntactics and handling of offshore campaigns for the organization has provided her with the experience and knowledge to allow her share her time and dedication for the efforts and goals of letIThelp. Lady now serves as the Analysis Division Team Leader and has continuously persevered in her dedication and loyalty to the goals and plans of the organization.

Lenivie Estillore,
Lenivie Estillore, a graduate of Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Engineering is one of the first trainees of LetITHelp and the best SEO trainee LetITHelp have had so far. After her tenure as a LetITHelp trainee, Syntactics,Inc offered her a permanent position in the company as an SEO Specialist. By 2010, she became the SEO Division team leader. Managing the biggest division in the company is not an easy task but for Lenivie she managed the team with finesse and she was able to inculcate to the minds of her team members that challenges can be surpassed through hardwork, perseverance and patience. As a former LetITHelp trainee and SEO Division team leader, Lenivie has become an SEO expert, which enables her to train new LetITHelp trainees effectively.

Pam Salon,
A graduate of Capitol University, Pam holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies. She started as a trainee at LetITHelp and is known for having great interpersonal skills that make her a good leader. Currently, she’s a senior officer at Syntactics, Inc., having the position of the company’s Sales Officer for the Online Marketing division. Aside from her leadership and interpersonal skills, Pam is a valuable member of the LetITHelp team because of her willingness to share and educate people about IT. She has spoken as a LetITHelp Career Guidance speaker at several schools such as CMU, STI, Liceo de Cagayan University, Capitol University, Southern Philippine College and COC Phinma.

Zen Mabelin,
Zen has a degree in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Central Mindanao University. A dedicated and passionate tech enthusiast, Zen is knowledgeable in several programming languages and development frameworks/platforms. His vast knowledge proved to be helpful in LetITHelp as he is anything, but close-fisted with what he knows, making him a good trainer for people willing to learn more about web development. Zen’s skills are what led him to becoming the current Lead Engineer at Syntactics, Inc., where he started as a web developer in the year 2010.

Geraldine Ricalde,
Geraldine graduated from Capitol University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She’s one of the skilled LetITHelp trainers who specializes in Analysis and Design Project Management, Sales and Marketing. Aside from sharing her IT expertise at LetITHelp, Geraldine also puts it to good use while working at Syntactics, Inc. She started out as an on-the-job trainee QA staff and worked her way to the top becoming a Project Manager, Sales Officer, and is currently the Web Division Team Leader. She has a tenure of 4 ½ years, not including her OJT. Geraldine’s contribution to the IT community doesn’t just stop there. In fact, she had several speaking engagements in different schools around the city and in the province of Bukidnon which were all related to IT Careers Orientation, Sales & Marketing and Project Management.